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Microbes or microorganisms are minute, unicellular organisms that cannot be seen by naked eyes. Some microbes are useful in our day to day life while others are harmful to our health. The harmful microorganisms are called pathogens.The diseases causing microorganisms include bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi and a few variations of worms. Once they invade the host cell, they disrupt or damage the normal cellular activities. This leads to diseases on a larger scale

Method of treatment:

Viral Infestation – is not a pest, it is microorganisms which can be sanitized in the given time & in the given area.
Places where prevention can be done:-
Dispensary/Clinic etc.

Routes of Contamination:-

1. Airborne
2.Contact (the more common cause of spread currently)

Methods of Prevention:-

1. Surface disinfection:-
As the surface is more easily and largely available source for the virus / bacteria to be present and the host will have the contact on these surfaces, this becomes the primary point of protection from the contamination. Wiping with the chemical has to be done on Tables, Chairs, Computer Monitors and other things which will be used by the people at work. Spray Treatment on all the exposed surfaces can be done on wall, floor, door knobs, doors, windows, etc exposed surfaces and keep the area closed for 30 min. This is effective to kill the present contamination if any and remains effective till the next touch.

2.Air / Environment disinfection:
This can be done only in enclosed areas and would not be effective in the open areas. Space Treatment can be done by using ULV machine. The exposed area has to be kept closed for 2 hours. This is effective to kill the present contamination in the air if any


· The areas to be treated is to be completely be vacated and all precious / important documents, items to be moved to secured place
· The Centralized AC to be switched off during the treatment
· The procedure of the treatment would be that first all the Working Des, telephones, desktops, etc.. Human contactable surfaces would be wiped
· The wiping would be done with disinfectant solution with a dilution of water. 10 minutes contact period, the sanitization is achieved
· As we would be aware that the spread of Virus would need a medium or a surface, the surface sanitization is very important
· Support required by you is after the wiping activity all the electronic gadgets like TV, computer, etcwould be covered with a plastic sheet (or) News Paper as per availability Once this is done, disinfectant solution would be Fumigated inside the floor, covering all places of horizontal, vertical surfaces with ULV Machine
· ULV machine will give a output of 0.5 micron size particle which will be very minute droplets and will have the ability to spread with air to all nook and corner covering the entire area / environment treated. Due to the very small size of the water particle, there would not be any watery deposits / watery condition in the work place area
· After the Fumigation 2 hours contact period is to be provided for all the particles to reach all areas and have sufficient time to kill all microorganisms
· Post the contact period sufficient ventilation to be provided by opening the doors / windows / switching on only blowers of the AC for another 1 hours period

· After the 2 hours of contract period & 1 hours of Ventilation period the place is ready for usage The reason for choosing the disinfectant chemical is due to below properties:
o Broad spectrum, bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal activity
o It is a very good surface disinfectant cum cleaner
o There is NO odour associated with the chemical during or post the treatment
o It doesn’t cause any discolouration or corrosion on fabrics / soft metals
o More importantly it doesn’t also cause to humans who handle the chemical during the treatment for large areas and longer period of time
o Disposal of the empty containers would be done as per the pesticide specification guidelines of bringing back, puncturing and burying in the Land

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